Quality Cleveland Motorcycles in USA

Grand Opening in India

Cleveland CycleWerks, in collaboration with Laish-Madison Motor Werks brings you the most affordable American designed motorcycle available to you in India.

About us

Are you passionate about motorcycles? Want to be a part of a growing American motorcycle company? If so, join us, Laish Madison Motor Werks (LMMW) Pvt, Ltd, in bringing the Cleveland CycleWerks (CCW) motorcycle brand to India.

Our team are looking for good partners-partners who want to own a piece of the CCW heritage-to join us in opening CCW dealerships throughout India. Laish-Madison team decided to bring CCW motorcycles to India after thorough market research. India is a country on the rise-poised to become a major economic powerhouse. As the economy grows income levels will rise, strengthening a growing middle class. These new professionals will desire the freedom that comes with owning a motorcycle versus a reliance on mass public transportation. LMMW offers consumers an affordable American designed motorcycle to meet their mobility desires-direct from the offices in Cleveland, Ohio, to the streets of India. If you already have an existing motorcycle business, a CCW franchise is a great addition for you as well. CCW has more than 100 authorized dealers across all major US and Canadian cities. They also have a robust international presence with dealerships in 25 countries such as Australia, Czech Republic, Germany, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Poland, Slovakia, South Africa, South Korea, Switzerland, Thailand, and the United Kingdom and soon coming to a dealership near you. Cleveland CycleWerks has established an exquisite brand name in a relatively short time. CCW and LMMW together have a proven business model that will earn excellent results for years to come.

Help us introduce India to a part of the American culture-one rider at a time. Are you ready to own a LMMW/CCW dealership?

Our Team

Sandeep S Budala

Chairman/Board of Directors
Laish Madison Motor Werks, Ltd.

After finishing his education in the USA, Mr. Sandeep Budala is a 15 year veteran off the technology and missions sector working at Goddard Earth Sciences missions at National Aeronautical Space Administration (NASA) Greenbelt, MD. Mr. Budala has established Laish Madison Motor Werks, Ltd. India, he has started as CEO for LMMW in 2015.

Mr. Budala and LMMW team is in works to return to Telanagana, India to play a part in the resurgence of Make In India development, setting up LMMW Ltd in starting up USA designed motorcycle assembly plant in Hyderabad Telangana.

Mr. Budala, with his entrepreneurial ventures, will be instrumental in providing direct employment to many people across the state of Telangana and India.

Mr. Budala as chairman and is a majority owner and his focus is on delivering creative technical solutions for exceptional value. Mr. Budala will support all operational, financial, and strategic initiatives of the new company Laish Madison Motor Werks team.

Jonathan L Kelly

Vice-Chairman/Board of Directors
Laish Madison Motor Werks, Ltd.

Mr. Jonathan Kelly is co-founder and Vice-Chairman of the Board. He is a 20-year veteran of the United States Air Force, where he held leadership positions of progressively higher responsibility, ending his career as a division chief in the Air Force Research Laboratories. Mr. Kelly has two master's degrees and is currently working his way to an MBA at the Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.

Samuel Budala

Board of Directors
Laish Madison Motor Werks, Ltd.

Mr. Samuel Budala roots are from the Mahbubnagar District of Telangana. At a very young age Mr. Budala moved to the US with his family. He built on his experience and expertise working in critical positions and owning many businesses in the Gas Energy and Liquor industry in the US capital of Washington DC.

After completing his double bachelors degrees from Osmania university in Telangana. Mr. Budala spent over 35 years in the US in various capacities in various businesses.

He returned to India in 2015 to play a part in the Make India development program, establishing Laish Madison Motor Werks Pvt, Ltd. Mr. Budala play a key role in being a part of the board of directors for LMMW team and assisting and providing direction to the corporate team.

Bhanu Prakash

Managing Director of Telangana Operations
Laish Madison Motor Werks, Ltd.

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